The Geometer’s Sketchpad Workshop

The purpose of this page is to share ideas with users of the Geometer’s Sketchpad, with special emphasis on the new features of version 4. I would like to have links to other pages that have done work with GSP4. Let me know if you would like to have your site linked.


I have taken a special interest in the custom tools capabilities. Here are five toolboxes. The dates are listed here because these files will be refined periodically. They can be downloaded by clicking on the titles.

These tools are made available by copying the file into the folder labeled Tool Folder. Before trying to use a set of tools for the first time, please open the file itself. All of these files have brief instructions and examples. In the case of Perspective Tools, which are rather complex, it would be best to read the Web page manual. In any case, do not hesitate to write and ask questions.

Conics_Plus February 18, 2020 — This is not a lesson in conics. It has more of a utility value. Given various options of beginning parameters, an ellipse, hyperbola, or parabola is constructed. The 2020 updates include two constructions drawn form Newton's Principia.

Geo_Notation August 5, 2004 — This file may prove to be useful for anyone who does a lot of geometry illustrations, particularly teachers who write their own material. It constructs arrowheads and marks indicating congruent angles, congruent line segments, parallel lines, and right angles. The scales of the marks are adjustable, but similar marks are kept uniform in size. This latest version includes cross ticks to indicate points and point labels that will remain displayed when the point is hidden.

Inversion_Tools September 5, 2003 — Those of you who like to work with circle inversions may find this useful. Again, the documentation is in the file. Also, see this this Web page on the subject: Inversion Geometry

Line Types April 14, 2004 — The tools allow a user to define special line types and apply them to line segments, arcs, and circles. This could be especially useful for people who export Sketchpad images for use in Web pages or printed material.

Perspective_Tools June 6, 2010 — I am very happy with the way this package has turned out. It is a bit more complicated that the others, which is why I wrote some documentation to explain it in depth. Follow the links below to the manuals. Some major revisions have been made since the release of GSP-5.

Perspective Tools Manual If you are just beginning, start here.
Perspective Solids
Advanced Perspective Topics
Perspective Controls

Piecewise_Tools January 21, 2006 — These tools are used to define piecewise functions with up to five component functions.

Solid_Tools June 6, 2010 — This is a package of solids that goes along with the Perspective Tools. I have really been having a lot of fun with this. See the documentation and tutorial on the Perspective Solids link. It is now updated for GSP-5.

Other Utilities

Graph_Paper December 23, 2009 — This is intended to help people customize graphs that are being prepared for printed material. It offers a lot of options for the grid and tick mark spacing, index numbers, and colors. The newest version can also create isometric or oblique grids. See detailed instructions here: Graph Paper Documentation

Sketchpad Gallery

I have a collection of Sketchpad files created by me and others. Many of them can be found scattered throughout Whistler Alley Mathematics, but there are many others having no direct connection to any of the lessons. They may be found in the Sketchpad Gallery.

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