Grid Paper

For years I have been seeing local students doing perspective drawing using isometric, orthometric, and oblique grid paper. The paper they get from their teachers is often a very poor photocopy, perhaps fifth generation or more. The scale is inconsistent, there are stray marks and white spots, and the grid is usually so dark that it is difficult to see the student's work. So many times I generated replacement paper for them, and now I have finally put the grids into a Word document to save time. Anyone with a decent printer and ability to open a Word document can print their own grid paper.

This is not a very efficient way to obtain grid paper if you need a lot of it, but students typically need only a few pages. There are three types of grid, each in four different scales. There are separate documents for two different paper sizes. I believe letter size is used in the US and perhaps other places in North America, and A4 in most of the rest of the word.

If you are one of my Hong Kong students, download the A4 document. You will need a 5 mm grid for most of your work. For graphing, use 20 mm or 10 mm.

Download Grid Paper A4.doc (updated December 29, 2009)

Download Grid Paper Letter.doc (updated December 29, 2009)

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